Time to bin any non-EID slaughter tags

From Jan 2015

  • Individual tag numbers on movement forms for all sheep (except slaughter animals)
  • Single EID tag for slaughter lambs

Two important changes come into force on 1st January 2015 affecting the tagging of slaughter lambs and the individual reporting of older (pre-2010/EID) animals.

Movement Reporting

From January 2015 you must include the individual tag numbers of all sheep and goats identified before 2010 on movement forms unless they are moving direct to slaughter (or direct to slaughter via a market). 

This change is quite likely to affect Small Shepherds as many of us have ‘senior’ sheep tagged prior 2010 according to a labyrinthine variety of tagging rules. Some of these will not have been individually identified. If you need to move sheep that are not individually identified the advice is to tag them with a full EID set.

Slaughter Tags

From 1st January 2015 you must only use the single electronic (EID) tag for lambs intended for slaughter before 12 months. You must dispose of any non-EID slaughter tags. (Slaughter lambs tagged before Jan 2015 do not need to be re-tagged).

bubblegum-eid-yellow 290 290 140703033052.jpg

EID slaughter tag

EID slaughter tags are yellow and have just the flock number printed on the outside and the individual number encoded onto the chip.

Continue to record slaughter lambs as a batch or mixed batch on ARAMS movement forms and in your Holding Register (that is, you only need to recod the total numer of sheep being moved for each flock number; you do not need to inlcude the animals’ individual identity numbers).

In essence this means that almost all sheep moved will have to have an EID tag of some sort with the exception of sheep that were tagged with an individual (non electronic) number prior to 2010.

For more information see Guidance for the keepers of sheep, goats and pigs on the gov.uk website.

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