Events Calendar 2018

Badger Face Welsh Mountain ewe licks a new born lamb clean

Ewe cleans new born lamb (Photo: Alex Finch)

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Saturday 27th January 18:30
    AGM and Talk by Terena Plowright of SheepWatch UK. West Clandon, Surrey

Saturday 10th February 14:00
    Preparation for Lambing. West Horsley, Surrey

Sunday 4th March 10:00
     Practical Lambing. Pulborough, West Sussex

Saturday 24th March 14:00
     Practice Lambing (using Lambing Box). Warnham, West Sussex

Saturday 7th April 14:00
     Flystrike - Prevention and Cure. Guildford, Surrey

Saturday 12th 19th May 14:00
    Health Plan and Vaccination Schedule, Warnham, West Sussex

 Saturday 2nd June 14:00
     Sheep Handling. Abinger Hammer, Surrey

Wednesday 27th June 11:00 -15:00
     Live to Dead. Henfield, West Sussex

Sunday 2nd September 10:00
    Club Show. Cranleigh, Surrey

Saturday 6th October 19:00
    Sheep Behaviour. Soberton, Hampshire

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